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Through the process of cooking, molecular transformations alter the macroscopic properties of our food. Consider what happens when you fry an egg: the transparent, liquid egg whites become an opaque white solid. These striking changes in the egg’s color and texture are a result of protein denaturation.

Science & Food 2013 Lecture Series

The 2013 Science & Food lineup is here! Stay up-to-date with all the latest news by following us on Twitter or joining our mailing list. While waiting for the lectures, you can satisfy your science and food cravings by watching last year’s lectures and browsing our blog archives. Over the next couple of months, we […]

David Chang

David Chang is the chef and founder of Momofuku and author of the best-selling cookbook of the same name. To follow David on his food adventures, check out an issue of Lucky Peach or watch Mind of a Chef on PBS. You can also watch David’s 2012 Science & Food lecture, “A Microbe in My […]

Homemade Ice Cream

Phase transitions—transformations from one state of matter to another—are ubiquitous in food and cooking. Butter’s phase transition from a solid to a liquid results in flaky pie crusts, while water’s phase transition from a liquid to a gas can be used to steam vegetables. There are various ways to manipulate these phase transitions, such as […]

The Flavor Network

Physicist Albert-László Barabási likes making connections. By studying networks, Barabási and his Northeastern University research group improve our understanding of everything from the internet to human disease. Now Barabási and colleagues are using networks to learn more about the way we eat. In a paper published in Scientific Reports, Barabási’s research team posed the question: […]

Adam Fleischman

Adam Fleischman is the owner of Umami Burger and the insanely popular Westwood eatery 800 Degrees. So, how much Adam really love umami? Just check out what he keeps in his fridge…