Phy Sci 7 Course

What makes lettuce crispy? Why do different cuts of meat have different textures? This General Education course is designed for non-science students to learn life sciences and physical sciences concepts in the context of food texture and flavor. The course will be offered again next Spring 2018 for UCLA students who are interested in fulfilling their science requirements, fascinated to discover the hows and whys behind plant and animal texture and flavor, and/or simply curious to know more about the food you eat and cook. You might also be interested in visiting the Rowat lab website: we are a dynamic, highly interdisciplinary research team that aims to understand the texture of biological materials and their role in physiology and disease.

Spring 2019 Topic & Guest Lecturer Schedule

Week 1: Basic Units of Food: Length and Energy Scales, Dana Hunnes (UCLA)

Week 2: Phase Behavior, Jeff Suen (Creamistry)

Week 3: Diffusion, Scavenger Hunt

Week 4: Self-Assembling Structures, Chef Vinh Nguyen (Stay Lucky)

Week 5: Pie Baking 101, Rachel Lam (UCLA Dining)

Week 6: Binding Affinity, Clemence Gossett (The Gourmandaise School)

Week 7: Elasticity, Avery Ruzicka (Manresa Breads)

Week 8: Viscosity, Chef Nyesha Arrington 

Week 9: Exponentials, Ella Freyinger (Chef Ella Freyinger, Inc)

Week 10: Bake Off Presentations 

Spring 2019 Guest Lecturers