The Physical and Molecular Origins of What We Eat 

Physiological Science 7

What makes lettuce crispy? Why do different cuts of meat have different textures? This General Education course is designed for non-science students to learn concepts in the physical sciences in the context of the origins of food texture and flavor. The course will be offered again next Spring 2013 for those who are interested in fulfilling your science requirements, fascinated to discover the hows and whys behind plant and animal texture and flavor, and/or simply curious to know more about the food you eat and cook. We will also be posting excerpts of labs and recipes from the course in the coming months. You might also be interested to visit the Rowat lab: we are a dynamic, highly interdisciplinary research team that aims to understand the texture of biological materials and their role in physiology and disease.

Guest Lecturers


Alex Brown

Gourmet Imports


Brian Bistrong



Clemence Gossett

The Gourmandaisse School


Della Gossett



Evan Funke



Nathan and Karen McCall

McCalls Meat and Fish Co.


Noel Stehly

Stehly Farms


Tetsu Yahagi


Guest Lecturer Schedule

Week 1: Janet Leader, MPH, RD (UCLA School of Public Health)

Week 2: Clemence Gosset, The Gourmandaise School

Week 3: Field lecture at UCLA Gardens, Sunset Recreation Center

Week 4: TBD

Week 5: Chef Roger Pigozzi, UCLA Dining Services

Week 6: Brian Bornemann

Week 7: Chef Ari Rosenson, CUT

Week 8: Chefs Brian Bistrong and Testsu Yahagi

Week 9: Alex Brown, Gourmet Imports

Week 10: Chef Della Gossett