Adam Fleischman

Adam Fleischman is the owner of Umami Burger and the insanely popular Westwood eatery 800 Degrees. So, how much Adam really love umami? Just check out what he keeps in his fridge…


What hooked you on cooking?
The ability to transform ingredients into more than the sum of their parts.
The coolest example of science in your food?
The use of food grade chemicals to change textures.
The food you find most fascinating?
What scientific concept—food related or otherwise—do you find most fascinating?
The concept of time.
Your best example of a food that is better because of science?
Desserts. New textures can be achieved.
How do you think science will impact your world of food in the next 5 years?
It will make food more delicious.
One kitchen tool you could not live without?
Your standard breakfast?
A nutritional shake or just coffee.
Your all-time favorite ingredient?
Favorite cookbook?
Modernist Cuisine.
Five things most likely to be found in your fridge?
Butter, Anchovies, Miso, Marmite, Stocks.