They’re green, nutty, and floral, the perfect summer combination. Pistachios are used in many summertime favorites around the world, from can’t-get-enough-of-‘em Turkish delights to the Indian Subcontinent ice cream kulfi to the Italian frozen dessert spumone. They’re even perfect for cracking open for snacking while watching the ballgame. If pistachios aren’t the quintessential summer flavor, here are seven reasons why they should be:

Fotm, pistachio slide 1

Fotm, pistachio slide 2

Fotm, pistachio slide 3

Fotm, pistachio slide 4

Fotm, pistachio slide 5

Fotm, pistachio slide 6

Fotm, pistachio slide 7

Alice PhungAbout the author: Alice Phung once had her sights set on an English degree, but eventually switched over to chemistry and hasn’t looked back since.

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