Pulse Trend & Lentil Geology


The UN has declared 2016 as the year of pulses and chef Michael Smith has stated that pulses will be the food trend this year. However, many North Americans, as traditional meat lovers, may not be familiar with pulses, which are grain legumes such as kidney beans, mung beans, and chickpeas. As part of an effort to raise pulse popularity, Carol Henry from the University of Saskatchewan is researching their many benefits, including their ability to lower cholesterol. Over at McGill University, researchers used dry lentils, another edible pulse, to study the formation and deformation of a geological phenomenon found in glacier beds, landslide bases, and gougey faults.

U of S Researcher Looks to Find the Many Benefits of Pulses – CBC News

What Do Lentils Have to Do with Geology? – ScienceDaily

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  1. Fred says:

    I would to know More on how the study on lentils can decipher the formation and deformation of the earth’s crust….any relation please…?

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